Apple Watch ~ 15 months later

I finally got hold of the Apple Watch sport 42mm model last year and having worn it for nearly 15 months now I can safely say I love it but i’m also a lot lazier because of it.

The main premise of the watch is for quick access to notifications, an extension of your iPhone basically. Is it worth the £260 starting price or is it just another overpriced Apple product made for the sheep? I’d say both!

I got hold of the Space grey sport model 42mm at £339 at launch, thats a lot for a plastic strap on an aluminium watch but the quality of the strap so far is good but then it’s only been a over a year.

The screen is great, the best i’ve seen on a smart wearable and the haptic feedback (vibrations) are a great little feature. The force touch is the other feature Apple added to this and although it’s good , it’s not quite needed but it adds a depth.

So how does it fair after a year? it’s not bad but it could be so much better. The speed of the watch is quite frankly a disgrace in 2016 but WatchOS 3.0 looks like it speeds up the whole device massively, the apps load within 2/3 seconds instead of 10 seconds and more custom faces incoming. The battery isn’t bad but then you don’t use the watch as much as your phone so just over 25 hours is easy, maps can drain it though and messing around on iMessage.

So with Apple Watch 2 coming in the next month or so, is it worth getting the original?

Yes it is, it’s cheaper and will have the same design as the newer one. Watch 2 is due to have a bigger battery but I find charging it once a day fine and I can’t imagine the newer version will last that much longer without compromising some design elements.


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