The Next Galaxy…

So the next flagships from android were announced last night, Samsung and HTC both revealed whats in store for 2015.

Samsung however smashed it out of the park with the galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, both bringing a completely new design to the Galaxy line after 5 years of plastic.

Now both models feature a metal frame with Gorilla glass 4 front and back panels, it might look like it’s a bit iPhone 6 with the metal frame but it still keeps the Samsung look elsewhere.

The New Galaxy

Both versions feature a 5.1″ Quad HD (2560×1440, 577ppi) Super AMOLED display, it’s powered by the company’s own Exynos octa-core (2.5GHz quad + 2.1GHz quad) processor, a 14nm 64-bit chip that’s apparently 30 percent more power efficient.

It has two quad-core sets, one geared toward efficiency and the other performance. This is paired with 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM and Samsung say the lag and stuttering is gone from TouchWiz, too.

Sadly for some, the new design means there is no longer support for microSD, removable battery and the S6 is not waterproof. But the all-new Galaxy comes in 32, 64 and 128GB capacities beating Apples 16GB base model which is quite a disgrace if we’re honest.

New faster camera
New faster camera

Both devices have a 16mp cam and a 5mp front facing cam with F1.9 aperture, allowing you to take clearer images wherever you are. What’s more, simply press the home button twice to go straight into camera mode in 0.7 seconds.

Both come with wireless charging and a new super charging feature that gives you 4 hours of use in 10 minutes of charging and a full charge in 30 mins, half the time of an iPhone 6.

Wireless charging and Faster charging
Wireless charging and Faster charging

The Edge has the extra feature of scrolling feeds and notifications on the side of the screen seen on the Note 4 edge and quick access to 5 contacts with a swipe from the right edge, it’s a nice feature but I’m not sure if it’s worth the rumoured extra £150 over the standard S6 model.

Extra feature with the S6 Edge
Extra features with the S6 Edge

Samsung also chucked in some other cool stuff like an improved fingerprint scanner and Samsung Pay which actually looks far better than Apple pay, allowing you to use it with non NFC payment machines.

Improved security
Improved security
Samsung Pay
Samsung Pay

Finally, Samsung have upped the game after a disappointing 2014 and made a great android smart phone, with a cleaner and cut back version of touchwiz and Lollipop 5.0.2 this is by far my favourite of the Android phones.

I’ve never really liked the Galaxy line due to the plastic nature and over the top bloatware but this is a massive step in the right direction and with those extra features such as Samsung Pay, fingerprint scanner, wireless charging and fast charge this puts it above all current phones in my opinion.

Its hard not to compare it to the iPhone 6 but it will no doubt be mentioned everywhere due to the similarities, the S6 actually has a bigger battery and is slimmer which is quite the achievement.

and the rivals…

HTC announced a disappointing ONE M9, which didn’t bring the most exciting upgrade.

Microsoft are set to reveal a new flagship with Windows 10 on April 29th with a may/june release.

Apple reveal iOS 9 in June so unless there is some major OS features instead of the rumoured iOS 8 bug fixes and the iPhone 6S normally just a spec bump then this will be the beast of 2015.

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge
The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge both go on sale April 10th worldwide.


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