Microsoft Lumia 735 Review

So Nokia is gone (for now) and Microsoft are now officially in the phone making business and not just software.

Microsoft logo on a Lumia device

The final Windows Phone devices carrying the Nokia name are the Lumia 735 and Lumia 830.

I have a green 735 and to begin with its amazing, it has all the makings of a top-tier phone but in a cheap affordable price range. Coming in at only £129 on O2 UK and £170 sim free, it’s by far the best priced phone I’ve seen in a long time.

I’ll run through some must know info


The screen is 4.7″ Amoled clear black and 720p with 316 ppi (pixels per inch), It’s ridiculously bright and clear and the colours pop out.

To put it into context, the iPhone 6 is 4.7″ with 326 ppi and isn’t much better considering it’s a £500+ phone.

Fantastic screen on such a cheap device.


The phone comes with a one piece solid plastic shell that’s removable, it comes in green, grey, orange and white with cyan available in some places. It’s far nicer to hold and feels more solid than other plastic devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G3, Nexus 5 and iPhone 5C.

You can remove the battery and it comes with 8GB of internal storage but able to add up to 128GB more with a micro SD card, the phone also takes a Nano sim card and has no dedicated camera button.

The battery is also great, giving me up to 2 days with mixed usage which is rare these days.

Solid shell and great colours.


The “Selfie” phone as its dubbed by some has a 5 mp front facing camera which is very good even in low light, you also get a 6.7mp Zeiss lens back camera and LED Flash which gives great low light shots but can be grainy when zoomed in.

Both record in full 1080p video, great for Skype and Viber if that’s your thing.

You get all the great Lumia features to tweak your shots and a new selfie app, with 16:9 shots and 4:3 for social media it’s a pretty solid shooter.

App Store

So Windows always gets this bad rap for having no apps but that’s a load of crap in 2014, people forget they started 3/4 years after Google and Apple so they’ve come a long way to catch up.

All the major ones are there, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, 6Snap (Snapchat), Vine, 6Tin (Tinder), BBC, NFL, Netflix, Angry birds, Candy Crush, Spotify, Minecraft, Pandora, Skype, Amazon, Viber etc

It’s become a myth about Windows phone that most reviewers or retail stores shove down your throat to force an Android or Apple device on you, of course it still misses out on a few apps the other 2 get but the same was said for Android a few years ago compared to iOS and it just takes time.

Windows Phone 8.1

The phone comes running 8.1 with Denim update the latest from Microsoft, meaning you get Cortana the voice assistant and live folders! both of which are fantastic, Cortana completely destroys Siri and is equal if not better than Google now in some areas.

I actually use Cortana because it’s useful where Siri is just a shambles and such a pain to get right i gave up, Google now tries too hard to be useful and ends up becoming a pain and over complicated for the average user.

You also have notification/Action centre when you swipe down from anywhere and the live tiles are still nice to look at.

The rest

You get 1GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 400 chip inside which might not seem a lot but it works fast and smooth with the OS and this is a mid range phone, the iPhone 6 comes with 1GB of RAM and the A8 chip which doesn’t make it much faster.

The speaker is a little muffled on a low volume but very loud and clear on high, you also get a wireless charging built-in if that’s your thing.

Final say

If you have limited funds or just want to jump ship to try something new without going all in, this is the right device for you.

It has the screen, camera and battery to make this the perfect phone for anyone wanting something cheap but with the bells and whistles. The OS is different from iOS and Android but that’s a great thing for people who fancy something new and refreshing, Microsoft are very good at supporting the software and giving you extras so when you buy this phone you’ll get a free speaker and wireless charger with O2.

Great phone and with no high-end device due until spring with Windows 10 from Microsoft, this is the device to fill the gap until you get your 50 mega pixel cameras and QHD screens on windows phone.

Worth it for the short term and packed with great features.

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