Android P Begins!

Last week Google released the first developer preview of the next major OS update to Android, not much is know about its real name or final release day except it’ll most likely be around September again. Last year we got Android Oreo and this year we’re on the letter P, Peppermint? Pecan Pie? Pop Tarts? […]

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iOS 11.3 ~ The update we need?

Apple have just released iOS 11.3 beta 4 to developers and it’s fast approaching public release, it’s been 5 months since iOS 11 came out and it hasn’t been smooth sailing. So many issues have come out of iOS 11, from certain symbols crashing apps, battery drains, reboots and lag, so much lag… It’s caused […]

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iPhone X ~ 10 years in the making!

The iPhone X (10) was announced in September 2017 to a mixed reaction, many found the ridiculous price tag and lack of touch ID a major turn off. It was mocked and abused for the huge £999/$999 starting price for a pathetic sized 64GB model and £1149/$1149 for the next size available at 256GB, Apple removed […]

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